We design our machines in stainless steel, because this material is ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The 304 L or 316 L stainless steels are ideal for these environments because of

  • Their resistance to corrosion
  • Their resistance to temperature variations
  • And their antistatic properties.

Stainless steel: our know-how

Thanks to the long collaboration with our customers, Acinox has developed a recognized expertise in 304L and 316L stainless steel evacuation systems.

After welding, Acinox products undergo a pickling and passivation operation by immersion in a specific acid bath. We thus restore the corrosion resistance of our equipment.

We also use electro-polishing to reduce the micro-roughness of our parts. This finish is available on request and improves surface cleaning.

All of our products are bead blasted in order to uniform the appearance of the surfaces and to increase the resistance to corrosion.

Minimized impact on the environment

All our products are pickled and passivated. These industrial treatments are subject to prefectural authorization and are monitored daily by our specialized technicians to guarantee zero discharge into the environment.