Acinox: a strong experience

We are specialists in cleaning and personnel safety equipment. We offer hygiene solutions for buildings and equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Thanks to the long collaboration with our customers, Acinox has developed a recognized expertise in 304L and 316L stainless steel drainage systems.


Our solutions are simple, smart, easy to use, maintain and clean. Located at ground level and equipped with an ergonomic interface, our machines are designed down to the smallest detail to ensure minimal, easy and quick maintenance.



Attentive to your needs, our integrated research department designs solutions and equipment that are perfectly adapted to the hygiene standards and specific requirements of our customers.


All ACINOX hygiene solutions are designed and manufactured in France.
The men and women of ACINOX have become experts in their fields over time. The rigor applied by our teams, from design to manufacturing, guarantees the excellent quality of all our products and solutions.


We bring our know-how and our expertise to carry out reviews and precise implementation projects, in order to define with you optimized solutions in the smallest details.


The design of the products and the choice of manufacturing processes reduce the impact of ACINOX on the environment: zero discharge, recycling of materials, etc...

All products marketed by ACINOX are pickled and passivated. These industrial treatments are subject to prefectural authorization, and are monitored daily by our specialized technicians, in order to guarantee zero discharge into the environment.

ACINOX implements a policy of selecting its suppliers who are also committed to an eco-responsible approach.

Decapage et passivation de l'acier inoxydable

  • Pickling and passivation of stainless steel


  • Electro-polishing
Electro-polishing is a chemical technique of surface treatment by electrolytic action consisting in removing metal from the surface of a part ion by ion. The purpose is to reduce the microrugosity in order to improve the cleanability of the surfaces. ACINOX products can be electro-polished on request.


  • Microblasting
The microblasting operation of stainless steel is a mechanical treatment by projection of abrasive with compressed air (glass beads granulometry 100/200 microns). All ACINOX products have a bead blasted finish. It allows a uniform and satin finish and increases the resistance to corrosion by creating a pre-stress.