Disinfection lock without water


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Data sheet

Construction Stainless steel sheet thickness 25/10
Bottom Sloped with direct discharge G1/2
Presentation Microblasted - Railings and supports without hollow bodies
Flow rate 4 spraying nozzles 0,4L/min (Soles) and 2 dosing nozzles (Hands)
Detection 2 infrared detectors (Soles) 2 infrared detectors (Hands)
Power supply 220V 50Hz P :0,5kW
Programming By automaton with control screen
Temps de cycle 2 seconds
Consumption 5L ~ 500 cycles (Soles) 5L ~ 1,500 cycles (Hands)
Accessories 2 infrared detectors (Soles) 2 infrared detectors (Hands)


The new waterless disinfection lock, patented by ACINOX, allows to ensure a disinfection of the accesses to the dry areas of your site.

The soles are disinfected without water thanks to a spray.

The hygienic design of the airlock, without hollow bodies, facilitates cleaning and reduces the risk of contamination. The airlock can be associated upstream with a sole brush or a hand disinfection tripod.

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